How to write your dissertation: Methodology

The dissertation Methodology chapter has to include a wide explanation on why you have chosen a specific research method and to what extent it helped you throughout your investigation. Maybe you preferred a qualitative method or you decided to combine it with the quantitative one - the idea is to justify the reasoning behind your options. You can get expert help if you feel the need, our writers have years of experience in writing academic papers and you could definitely use their expertise. Just access our website and search for "dissertation chapters structure"; you will find everything you need.

Here is how to structure the Methodology chapter of your dissertation paper, with tips from our professional writers:

1. State the problem

Depending on your supervisor's requirements, you can have one or two extra dissertation chapters, appropriate for your study field. Still, the Methodology usually comes after the Literature Review, so make sure that you draw the attention towards the research questions. Clearly state the issues you are trying to investigate and discuss in a way that regains the focus on the scientific part of your dissertation.

2. Write down the approach

While writing a dissertation introduction chapter can prove to be challenging, the Methodology part may be much more overwhelming if you do not underline the key elements right from the beginning. When you write down the approach, try to offer a context to your methodology, so your readers have a better understanding of your methods and how they can test your hypothesis.

3. Justify your choices

Have you chosen a quantitative research analysis or a qualitative one? Or maybe you thought that both of them will serve your purpose - regardless the choice, make sure you state the reasoning behind it. Provide an elaborate description of your investigation plan, explaining why you have chosen that specific type of methodology. Remember, it is essential that you justify your options! For example, for a PHD thesis chapter structure it is mandatory that you include this explanation. It is essential, of course, that you defend your choices and state out the other methods you could have used and why you have dismissed them. Put in balance the pros and cons of any other appropriate option that you have ruled out.

4. The appendix

To keep the Methodology chapter focused on the topic, move any extra data you might have to the final part of your paper work. Any methodological material you used in your research should find a place at the end of the thesis, in the appendix.